Exciting Times

What's going on at the nursery:

June 2012

We have been working on new varieties of Anthuriums which now total 8 new ones that are coming to local stores across North America. They have new colors and longer lasting flowers.

December 2011

Our plants are mostly available through Costa Farms as they represent our Anthuriums. Lots of new colors coming.

June 2010

Not much new to report except we are stilling growing Anthuriums and are proud to say the largest grower of Anthuriums in North America.


The nursery is moving along in its expansion program. We are now producing over 1 million Anthuriums per year and our plans are to build on these production numbers to we hope 1 1/2 million pots by the end of 2008. Our new colors are coming online soon and we will have colors from Orange to multi colored flowers in purple and pinks.

Red Anthuriums
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Rimlands shade house
(click to enlarge) Baby tissue culture plants
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